Unravel the mystery: Tools to find out how customers found your business on Google

As a business owner, it’s important to know how your customers find you.

Luckily, the Google Business Profile (GBP) makes it easy to track this information.

The GBP can help you understand How People have found your company.

The most valuable performance metrics for the Google Business Profile

One of the most valuable metrics you get from the GBP dashboard is searches.

This report shows you how many different searches were used to find your business, what the searches are, and these searches are unique per user.

This information is vital as it gives you insight into what your customers are searching for on Google, leading them to find your business.

More performance metrics for the Google Business Profile

In addition to searches, GBP offers a variety of other metrics to help you understand how people are finding your business.

Some of the other metrics you can track are:

  • Views: The number of times your business has been viewed on Google, including searches and Google Maps.
  • Actions: The number of times someone has acted on your listing, e.g. B. clicked on your website or requested directions.
  • Direction requests: The number of times someone asked for directions to your business.
  • Calls: The number of times someone called your business directly from your GBP listing.

GBP Insights

Immerse yourself in the insights

You can use this information to optimize your website and ensure that you are shown for the right search terms. I recommend reviewing the insights monthly and looking for new keyword opportunities to incorporate into your site. For example, this dental clinic started showing the search query “dentist in New York” as one of their top ten searches for which they were found. We had previously ignored the optimization for new York because that’s what we focused on new York since they are in town. After making this discovery, we refocused some of our on-site efforts and the result was dramatic. The query Dentist in New York is currently the best performing query.


  • The Google Business Profile is a powerful tool to help you understand how people are finding your business.
  • By tracking metrics like searches, views, and actions, you can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and optimize your online presence to ensure you’re showing up for the right searches.
  • If you haven’t already, we strongly encourage you to set up a Google Business Profile listing for your business today.