Top channels and trends to grow your brand

The economic impact of the pandemic is still a major factor in most marketing budgets.

And today’s competition for marketing money and space is fiercer than ever.

What innovative, cost-effective ways can make your brand stand out?

What new channels can you add to your marketing mix to maximize ROI?

On April 12th, I moderated a webinar with Sreekant Lanka, SVP of Digital Solutions at iQuanti.

To maximize results, Lanka showed how to refresh your search strategies and connect with your target audience through impactful marketing channels.

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The central theses

Target your media where your audience is.

Your content needs to address your prospect’s intent at every stage of the funnel, from building context at the top of the funnel to more specific details at the bottom of your funnel.

Top of funnel strategies

  • Tactic: Guide your top funnel activations with videos to encourage awareness and recall.
  • KPIs: Assisted and Unassisted Recall Enhancement and Top-of-Mind Awareness.

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Middle Of Funnel Strategies

  • Tactics: Nurture your mid-funnel with a mix of video and static by driving consistently and running traffic.
  • KPIs: engagement rates, retention rates, quality website/app visits, branded search volumes and CTR.

Bottom of funnel strategies

  • Tactic: Close the bottom funnel with search, retargeting, and other high-value signal-based audiences.
  • KPIs: CPA, ROAS and LTV/CAC.

Measure success by:

  • Different KPIs per funnel level.
  • A sense of overall CAC to assess overall health across marketing channels.
  • Attribution and privacy challenges pave the way for increased adoption of incrementality testing.

Note the evolving search landscape

Consider what is evolving and what channels are emerging to grow your brand. First, note that users are now looking for different things than they used to be.

Look for changes in search queries

The search landscape is changing and moving away from a keyword-first approach.

You can see shifts:

  • From keywords to conversations.
  • Extension to multiple sessions.
  • Show up as “Near me”, “Best of”, etc.
  • Move past the bottom funnel.

Note changes in bid strategies

Bid strategies are also changing, driven largely by the capabilities of the Google ecosystem that go beyond keywords.

Think beyond search: top channels and emerging trends to grow your brandScreenshot of iQuanti, April 2023

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Recognize the changes in search in industries

Marketplaces and social media sites are a significant part of product search.

Understand how AI is changing the face of search

In this regard, the exact influence of AI on SERPs is still unclear. Still, you can see the potential in terms of keyword targeting, search volume, and implementation.

Website optimizations will likely be key as tools evolve to include more relevant and timely information.

Adapt your strategy to newly developing segments and needs

Search as a product has changed, especially with Gen Z becoming the most dominant customer segment.

As the segment with the lowest attention span, look at how the industries are performing with the shift.

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Additionally, social media has significantly impacted consumer journeys with behavioral changes.

New platforms and short content take center stage to meet the needs of the evolving customer base. Pivot to focus:

  • social video.
  • Video in short form.
  • CTV.
  • tick tock

Which media channels influence the consumer journey

Retail Media Networks are possibly the third major wave in digital advertising after Search & Social.

  • Retail media networks accounted for 14.7% of US digital advertising spend in 2021.
  • By 2024, Retail Media Networks is expected to account for 19.1% of US digital advertising spend.

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On the push side, retail push media shows media diversification and CPG push media shows social channel growth.

Think beyond search: top channels and emerging trends to grow your brand Screenshot of iQuanti, April 2023

Marketers can steer away from some of the more expensive, highly competitive channels by figuring out where the right users are and how they’re spending.

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Here is the presentation:

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