How to get social media links in your Google business profile

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Want to know how to add your social media links to your Google business profile? Google doesn’t give you a way to add or edit these, so you’ll have to help them connect yourself.

Here’s how to do it.

Add social media links to your website

The main place Google makes these connections is on your website. So make sure you have placed the links prominently in one of the two headers or the Footer.

If you link to icons, make sure to add descriptive text to the image’s alt attribute. Here is an example:

Add schema markup to your GBP landing page

On the page your Google Business Profile points to, add a local business schema with the attribute “Same as”. For most companies, this is the home page.

Schema markup is a bit technical. I like to use this tool from to generate the schema. With this generator, you can just fill in your company name and business information and it can also generate your coordinates once you fill in your address.

More importantly, they have a section for adding the same markup for the social media profiles. You can even add social network profiles that are not listed. If you select Website, you can enter any URL. I decided to put my TikTok there. And yes, TikTok is one of the websites that Google shows in your Google Business Profile.

Once you have this code with all the details you want, you may need to give it to your web developer and ask them to add it to your website. It must be included in the header of the HTML code of your homepage.

Or you could do it yourself. Just check out some tutorials on how to add themes to Wix, WordPress, or whatever your content management system is.

Link your social media profiles

Many social sites allow you to link to other social sites, which is a great way to create those extra connections.

Add social links to your quotes

In addition to social profiles, many of your quotes allow you to add links to your social media channels. And that’s pretty common on citation sites: you can add your social profiles to the Chamber of Commerce, Merchant Circle, Cylex… The list goes on.

Keep your information consistent

It will be important to keep all of your information consistent across all of these different profiles. Make sure you use the same name, address, phone number, and website URL on your Google Business Profile, website, and all your social profiles (but slight variations like “st” vs. “street” are totally fine). .

This will help Google connect the dots.

After doing all these things, you have to wait. It may take a few days to a few weeks for Google to recognize these changes and update your Google Business Profile. There is no way to force it.


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