Google Bard removes the waiting list and adds image and encoding features

Google is rolling out a series of updates to Bard, its experimental generative AI tool.

New features include image capabilities, coding capabilities, and app integration.

Additionally, Google is removing the waitlist for Bard and expanding access to the tool to more than 180 countries and territories.

As part of its global expansion, Bard will now support Japanese and Korean and plans to support 40 languages ​​soon.

Bard’s journey so far

Launching less than two months ago, Bard was initially available in the US and UK

Bard allows users to collaborate with Generative AI, enabling many creative and imaginative uses.

Since its inception, Google has quickly adapted to user feedback, improving the user experience.

Google recently upgraded Bard to PaLM 2, a more powerful large language model that enables recent improvements such as advanced math, reasoning, and coding capabilities.

Image integration with Google Lens

Google Bard Removes Waitlist, Adds Image & Coding FeaturesScreenshot from:, May 2023.

Bard will soon integrate image functions. This allows you to ask about things like notable landmarks in a specific city, with Bard providing text-based answers and rich images.

Google integrates the power of Google Lens into Bard, which means you can upload images alongside text in your prompts.

For example, if you’re uploading photos of your dogs, you can ask Bard to “write a fun caption about these two.”

It then analyzes the photo to identify the dog breeds and come up with some creative captions in seconds.

Google Bard Removes Waitlist, Adds Image & Coding FeaturesScreenshot from:, May 2023.

Improvements for developers

Google is rolling out some major upgrades to Bard following developer feedback.

These include more accurate source information, a new dark theme, and an “Export” button.

The export button extends a popular feature that allows users to export and run code with Google’s partner Replit, starting with Python.

In addition, Google is launching two more export actions that will make it easier to move Bard’s responses to Gmail and Docs, making email and document composition easier.

Future Plans: App Integration & More

Google Bard Removes Waitlist, Adds Image & Coding FeaturesScreenshot from:, May 2023.

Google plans to integrate the functionality of various apps and services such as Docs, Drive, Gmail, Maps and others into the Bard experience.

Bard will also be able to connect to various services from across the web, with extensions from external partners including Kayak, OpenTable, ZipRecruiter, Instacart, Wolfram and Khan Academy.

In the coming months, Bard will integrate Adobe Firefly, allowing users to turn their ideas into images that can be further edited in Adobe Express or added to designs.

For more information on Bard, see Google’s official announcement.

Featured image: gguy/Shutterstock