10 Last Minute Holiday Sales Boosters

You are not alone if you have yet to implement holiday sales strategies.

Shopping trends in 2022 include gift cards and early shopping. Despite their popularity, only half of top US retailers offer gift cards, according to MarketWatch. And big companies like Target and Amazon launched vacation deals in October.

Still, last-minute efforts can help end the season with a bang. And many are easy and quick. Here are 10 ways to increase sales before time runs out.

10 sales boosters

Attract loyal customers to help. Engaged customers want you to be successful. They also love getting something at a deep discount or for free. If you can track referrals, offer customers special coupons, products, or gift cards to guide shoppers your way. If not, run a hashtag campaign on social media where shoppers post photos or videos with your items. The aim is to generate interest in your business.

Also, encourage shoppers to leave product reviews, a primary conversion driver for ecommerce sites.

Get employees involved. Your employees are probably active on social media. Consumers appreciate meeting employees and learning about the company’s mission and products. So feature your employees on the company’s social accounts and ask them to spread the word.

Contract with medium-sized influencers. Sponsored content – videos, articles, social media posts – can generate lucrative traffic for your business.

Leverage relevant news. Pay attention to current events, celebrities, and viral social media posts that resonate with your audience. Use this trending news to promote your products and flash sales.

Use a smart banner to promote discounts, countdowns and almost-sales. Typically positioned at the top of a page, smart banners adjust to the width of the browser and are an ideal advertising method. Text with minimal symbols and a simple call-to-action works best.

Smart Bar hypts the current sale

Bath & Body Works encourages shoppers to unlock a special offer.

Don’t overcomplicate email marketing. Simplify your messaging in marketing emails for the rest of the season. Focus on subject lines, preheaders, hero images, and calls-to-action.

Configure abandoned cart recovery emails. More than 70% of US shoppers abandon their carts. Even the shortest email message can recoup some sales – a discount closes even more. Consider a third-party tool if your shopping cart doesn’t have this important recovery tactic built in.

Advertise last minute gifts. Many people hesitate. Now it’s time to start thinking about great gifts that you can wrap and ship quickly. Promote them on email and social media using terms like “Shipped today” and “Get…”. And don’t forget the e-gift cards.

Display a countdown timer. Notify buyers of sale and order cut-off dates. In recent days, be aware of expedited shipping methods to receive gifts on time.

Disable (or make optional) non-essential checkout fields. Don’t leave buyers stuck at the finish line. Just ask what you need to process the order.

Minimal effort

Depending on the industry and audience, many quick actions can increase sales in the coming weeks. Adopt features and functionality that require minimal effort. Save the heavy lifting for next year.

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